31 Aug

What to Know About Shared Web Hosting (Part 2)

The continuation…

In Part I of this blog, you went through some valuable things to know about shared web hosting. Below is a continuation with some more important content you may want to know about the subject of shared web hosting:

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Price and Support

When it comes to pricing of web hosting, Linux comes very attractive since it is completely free to use whereas with Windows, you need to pay for a license before you start using its hosting services.  Therefore, the web hosting companies which use Windows charge more than those companies that use Linux. However, you should still keep in mid that free or cheap is not always a better option. While in the case of shared web hosting, you must check out a couple of services a hosting company is offering.


When you are about to store important files and other pertinent data on a shared web hosting, you must first see the technology the company is using. A reliable company uses the latest technology so that hundreds of shared accounts can work together without any obstacles. For example, if you have two options to choose, one is using dual-core-processor and the second one is using quad-core-processor. Needless to say, you’ll be better off choosing the latter.

Control Panel:

Control panel is also one of the key things to check because it is used for managing files and other data of your website. There are various control panels used by hosting providers like Plesk, cPanel, H-Sprehe, and others. The most famous and used one is “cPanel”.

Email Account:

If you are running a big company and you have hundreds of employees working in your company, you need to have a separate email account for each employee. On the other hand, if you are running a personal website, you can get away with a few email accounts. The more important thing is to have a web mail account so that you can access it from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

These are the points you must consider when you plan to store your precious and sensitive data on shared web hosting.

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