29 Aug

What to Know About Shared Web Hosting (Part 1)

Shared Web Hosting (Part 1)

The Basics

A web hosting environment in which several websites are on the same server is termed as shared web hosting and there can be up to 400 accounts in a single server. If you are a customer of a shared web hosting environment or intending to become one, here are things you must know:

Scripting Language:

Scripted language is used to interpret set of codes coming from databases or other files to make them understandable for users through different web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many others.


A database is needed to store content by different Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and several others.  It is recommended by the majority of web hosting service providers to choose a database that supports MySQL and similar. It is also better to choose such web hosting plans where there are more than one databases are used.

Disk Space and Traffic:

The amount of data and files you can store on a drive is considered as disk space or storage.  There are different web hosting plans offered by web hosting providers. Some plans offer 10 GB storage and some offer more than 100 GB space to store file. If you want to run a blog, a 1 GB plan is more than enough for you. While traffic is the amount of data one can download and upload in a month.  You may choose a plan according to your need and type of work.

The Performance of The Web Server:

When it comes to performing tasks in bulk at the same time, Linux web server leads the race. Linux is a quite well-known server and it is extensively used all over the world. But, Windows server also contains some unique features which make it so famous. The major difference is just of server capacity and both have their effective value in the field of shared web hosting.

(Read Part 2 for remaining headings)

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