03 Apr

SEO Related Mistakes in Web Designing

It is a unique art to design a website. You need to have excellent artistic qualities to create a pleasing website that may please your clients and the users of their websites. It requires some extra-ordinary technical skills to give a stunning look to a website. It has never been recommended in the field of website designing that you copy a website of another’s company. It doesn’t achieve the desired and sufficient goals of you. You need to design a unique and user-friendly website so that you can be given a good ranking in search results.
It has been seen many times that designers happen to commit some mistakes in orders to give a pleasing look to websites. These mistakes can be negative with regards to SEO purposes. Below are some points which may help you in understanding about the mistakes you should not do while designing a website:
Tables in Website Layout
The page of a website becomes complicated by tables. It is because that there are absurd table attributes in most of the layout tables including nested, colspan, rowspan tables. As the tables are sequenced in HTML, most of readers face difficulty in understanding them. The situation also becomes problematic when it comes to top to bottom and left to right. HTML 4.01 disallows tables in page layout while HTML5 advocates it. While in CSS, it is easy to maintain the presentation.
Infinite Scrolling
Though scrolling is one of the essential features to add in website design, infinite scrolling can go wrong. It also depends on the goal of a website. If a websites wants it users to scroll its content or other things, this technique may be useful for it. But, this is not the case with all. It can even hurt your users when you goal is to locate users on a specific task or choice.
Lazy Loading:
Until a user interacts with that portion of the page, lazy loading doesn’t allow the user to see the content or images in that area. You need to understand here that this type of content is not indexed on search engines.

Not to Have a Mobile Configured Design
Today, no website can survive without being mobile friendly. Your website should not only be mobile friendly but it should also be responsive to every screen size so that you may not lose any user. According to latest rules of Google, a website that is not mobile friendly will b given less priority in ranking as compared to those which are mobile friendly. It is because that if your website is responsive, it can facilitate even screen size whether a mobile, laptop, or tablet. Though it is not such easy to get your website an adaptive design, you have to do it to fulfill your desired goals.
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