Sure it is easy enough to pull a new computer out of a box, but have you considered the following?

New Hardware Installation - IT Ally

  • Setup of email and Internet connections
  • Installation and configuration of virus protection software
  • Installation of security updates needed to keep your computer protected
  • Setup of printers, scanners and digital cameras
  • Installation of the 3rd-party software you will need in order to use the computer for everyday tasks.

We offer a great setup package which ensures your computer is ready to use from the moment you receive it.  As our customer, when you have those general questions that large companies do not have time to answer, you will have someone to call!

Our package includes all the things listed above and more.  If you are thinking about buying a new computer, contact us first.  Not only will we make sure you purchase the right computer, we will take care of the whole purchase and setup process as well.

New Computer Setup – $200.00 + GST.

Please note that this service excludes data transfer and on-site setup.  Our on-site computer support incurs a minimum fee of $100.00 p/h + GST for home clients and $120.00 p/h + GST for business clients.  An additional one-off travel fee of $19.00 + GST applies for all on-site support visits.

When you purchase a new machine from IT Ally you get the reassurance that you will get the right product for you with everything you need. With our “New computer Setup” package we configure all machines with the latest security updates and essential everyday software before it reaches you which enables you to use it straight away.

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