Business Broadband + Cloud Telephone + Camera Packages

Broadband & Telephone Equipment (Telco)
All IT Ally provided brand-new Telco equipment come under a minimum of 12 months of electronic Warranty and replaceable free of charge within the warranty period. However, the labour fee must be chargeable if the customer wants IT Ally technician to go onsite to install any faulty equipment.

Broadband Selection (Telco)
Fibre is the fastest and most reliable service, and it is indeed our priority to connect you with the fibre network, though, it is quite likely that the fibre network could not be available in your area by the time of ordering this connection. Consequently, IT Ally will automatically select the best possible and reliable Network in case if the fibre Network is unavailable in your area. Upon availability of fibre Network, IT Ally will happy to upgrade from copper Network to fibre Network with a one-time standard installation fee of $180.

Broadband Fibre First Time Installation (Telco)
Chorus measures 30 business days estimated fibre installation duration, however in case if you are applying first-time fibre in your building and Fibre have never been used or installed and ONT never been presented inside your building, then it is quite likely fibre installation process will take more than 30 business days. IT Ally does not guarantee any certain installation period, and It is understood if the customer later chose to renounce the fibre after a certain period, IT Ally must charge the administration costs depending on how long the process goes from the time of sign-up to the period of cancellation of the agreement

Fibre Installation and Phone Service (Telco)
In the event where the customer signs Phone and fibre service collectively, it is likely that you’ll get your phone service within the period of 3 to 7 business days and a partial phone bill will apply excluding the broadband charges until the completion of fibre. IT Ally strictly suggest not to disconnect any service from your current provider until the complete transition of services from your current provider to IT Ally confirmed. Once services transition completed, we will then send you written notification of termination of your account from your current provider to avoid the dual charges.

Calling Minutes 42 Destinations Including New Zealand any Network (Telco)
The following package includes 1500 Outbound Calling Minutes to 42 destinations plus New Zealand. The outbound calling bundle does not include the Toll-Free minutes, and it will charge standard minute rates listed on IT Ally website.
The Free Minutes Bundle Includes the following destinations:

(New Zealand, Australia, India, China, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, England, USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Bangladesh, Belgium, Austria, Cocos Island, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland Republic, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Mariana Island, Martinique, Mexico, Mongolia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Niue, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Thailand, Wallis and Futuna Islands) 42 Countries plus New Zealand)

Cabling and Installations (IP Cameras & Telco)
IT Ally does not include any internal building wiring when signing standard broadband or phone service agreement. Our Broadband external network installation of (ADSL, VDSL, Fibre) provision and schedule through our channel partner/s Chorus, UFF and Enable. However, In the situation where our customer sign-up for Broadband, Phone and IP cameras agreement as one package, IT Ally only liable to provide wiring services for IP Cameras only.