Business Camera Packages only

IP Camera Installations (IP Cameras)
The following packages will only cover the maximum of 2 working days (up to 16 hours) of labour charges only. In the event, where the installation delays due to client’s conflict of schedule with other vendors, channel partners or due to any other reason where IT Ally Technician unable to access the site because of client’s negligence or whatsoever other reason, It will then cost the additional charges to the client as per standard labour rate of $180/Hour per Technician plus loss of time, fuel or any other payment associated to the job.

IP Camera Complex Installations (IP Cameras)
As a part of the package, IT Ally is providing the listed hardware, cabling, auxiliaries and full camera installations. In the event where IT Ally requires more manpower, labour hours more than 2 working days, heavy machinery (Cherry Pickers, Crane, Construction Truck, Tower Crane etc), IT Ally will further inspect and will notify the additional cost before starting the Installations and only continue the project once receive the written & signed consent with other additional charges from the customer.

IP Camera Specifications & Resolutions (IP Cameras)
IT Ally provides the following two brands (Hikvision, Dahua, fixed lenses Dome cameras) Max 4 to 5 Megapixel which is a best industrial category. All those cameras are motion detectors roughly 20 to 30 Meters of distance. These cameras do not qualify for the special requirements, such as dangerous goods, number plate readers, face detection, smart object tracking, manual or automatic motorised zoom etc. In the event where the customer has a special requirement, we recommend getting a new quote by contacting us through phone or email “”

Videos and Marketing Content (IP Cameras)
All the attached screenshots and videos are purely based on marketing purpose and represent very close resemblance of video resolutions as shown in the videos.IT Ally Limited does not 100% guarantee of having precisely the same model or video resolution as described in the marketing videos. Despite this, IT Ally is very careful of using the objects which mislead our customer's expectations, and we endeavour to match the best possible accurate material to meet our customer's requirements.

Guarantee & Warranty (IP Cameras)
All IT Ally provided brand-new equipment come under a minimum of 12 months of electronic Warranty and replaceable free of charge within the warranty period but the labour fee must be chargeable if the customer wants IT Ally technician to go onsite to install any faulty equipment.

After Sales Support (IP Cameras)
IT Ally guarantee and resolve any camera related issue free of charge first 30 business days. However, this doesn’t mean that IT Ally does not deal and address any issue afterwards. If our customer still has any on-going matter which related to the first-time installation and kept on causing the problem since from the beginning and not fully resolved, IT Ally must fix it free of charges. Once the issue wholly resolved, IT Ally will not provide any guarantee/Warranty for any particular period. Once the one-month grace period over, IT Ally must charge $180/ hour per technician onsite labour fee to resolve any one-time or on-going issue related to the camera system. Notwithstanding, IT Ally must notify the customer in advance for expected estimated charges. IT Ally is continuously endeavoured to provide the best possible support to maintain the customer relationship and open to receive feedback on a regular basis to improve our services.

Cables and Auxiliaries (IP Cameras)
IT Ally does not compromise when using auxiliaries or other supporting products such as cable, connector, converters, shaft etc. and exclusively use the best industrial brand products through our local NZ channel partners Corys, PB Tech, Atlas Gentech, Computer Dynamic and IT Plus.