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Business Client Overview - IT Ally

We are Complete IT Solution provider in Auckland, New Zealand. As IT stakeholder, we well knew our clients complications when specially come to small and medium size businesses. So, we found that most of our clients have no idea why their Internet connections slow down during peak hours.

  • Bandwidth Throttle policy
  • High and low noise margin consist on distance from local DSLAM to the customer’s location which is most substantial aspect of Internet being slow
  • When using copper medium, it is less stable than fiber and due to its high line attenuation and noise margin ratio, the percentage of dropping packets are very high
  • Highly Bandwidth congestion among other users

Subsequently connected with connection slow speed and other internet surfing snags, majority of connections problems are result of the high traffic congestion policy of your Internet Service Provider. Frequently home links are sold on a very high contention ratio which result them extremely poor performance during peak hours. Therefore, IT Ally hereby struggling to deliver the premium grade solution to our all clients.

Our Services

Our Services - IT Ally

We are currently providing range of services, Including broadband (ADSL2,VDSL2, UFB GPON, HSNS premium fiber, Point to Point Wireless), Cloud based Telephony system (IP PBX, VoIP Phone connectivity, VPS), Website development, Mobile Applications, Portal Solutions and Online Marketing, (SEO, Google Ad-words ).

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