24 Jul

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Web Hosting

There are advantages and disadvantages of everything in the world and similar is the case with cloud web hosting. In the language of internet, cloud hosting means to have data stored on internet. This theory came forward when data was being lost in the case of system and server failure. Currently, almost every big and mature organization uses cloud web hosting services to keep its data secured and to access the data from anywhere. During our normal daily works as well, we are in touch with cloud hosting services like when we use Gmail or Google Docs. Below you can find some advantages and disadvantages of this technology that is being extensively used all over the world.


You can h`ave many noticeable advantages about cloud web hosting on different informative websites on internet. Some most common and effective advantages are given as follows:

  • When you use cloud services, you get your data being run online rather on your office PCs. The advantage of this is that you and all of your staff can have access on your data from anywhere using internet.
  • When you use software on cloud hosting, the provider of the software maintains and upgrades the software by itself so you don’t need to buy the latest version or something like that.
  • Cloud web hosting is way far cost saving than other IT cost savings. Every business tries to earn maximum while expending minimum. You can save enough money of office servicers, administration, air conditioning, and other expenses by getting cloud services.


The disadvantages of cloud web hosting are given as follow:

  • Since it is a remarkable invention and every business tends to have cloud hosting, cloud service providers deal with a number of clients at a time. Due to heavy load, some technical outages may come and your operations may be blocked temporarily.
  • Also, you can’t do any sort of work when your internet in not working.
  • Though the providers follow the adequate security standards, it has always been a risk to have your important files and data on a limited control place.

Irrespective of these disadvantages, people are extensively moving towards cloud web hosting and this technology is expanding its networks all over the world.

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