19 Aug

5 Recommended Steps in Web Designing


There are many steps involved in the creation of a stunning and functional website and every single step is important. Below you will find steps which helps in understanding the necessary elements involved in web designing:


This step starts just after when a client contacts a web designer to design a website or to have some changes in its current website. A meeting is set up between the client and the web designer for the brief of the required design. The client makes an outline of its requirements and the designer starts doing research to fulfill the requirements.


After the process of research, a plan is made by the designer in which he determines the goals and makes a flowchart of the work he has planned. A sitemap is also made for the web design that represents the structure of the required design.


Just after the plan is made, it becomes possible to start initiating a design. Though this step takes some time, an effective result comes in the end of this important step. A frequent consultation is also required between the client and the web designer throughout the process.

Testing and Launching:

Before the officially launch of the design, a test is required so that no mistake can be found in the official launching. Testing is also important because some mistakes and problems are only highlighted after launching. The speed of the website is also tested in the process that whether it is running smoothly or not. After the process of testing, the website officially goes to public.


The work of the web designer does not end after launching the website he created. Maintenance is also required to make the website even more effective. The web designer also has to regularly add in new content (ie: blog, videos, dowloadable tips, etc) to inspire and engage with its audience.

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