Transforming Businesses Through Ingenious Solutions

Transforming businesses through ingenious solutionsCompanies are repeatedly looking for reasonable up gradation by leveraging smart methods that will optimize their resources but increase profits. Using innovative solutions benefits their businesses and help to accomplish the desires of the market.
IT Ally’s promising software and specialized network design team understands he demand and take the right strategy by offering advanced high-end premium solutions and operational upgrading systems that are necessary to the development of a client’s business.
We have the experience to impeccably integrate new and advanced technologies that provide huge benefits. Our track record proves that we have served some of the most complex software and integration projects successfully and that is our identity in the market.

  • Digital Channels/Digital Commerce
  • Products
  • Big Data
  • Consulting
  • Application management
  • Cloud

Our solid commitment to meet the timeline, specialized team for every project and applying advanced technologies are our success secrets. This makes us to offer our reputed clients a number of defining competencies in the areas of:

  • We employ easy and equally effective programs that combine suitability with savings, and enable our clients to transform their infrastructure from an unsatisfactory platform to authentic architecture easily.

Provide customized client service portals.


Software IT AllyAt IT Ally, we have faith that adequate software design should make an evident difference to any business.
At IT Ally, we craft Software and IT Solutions that resolves long running IT problems of our clients.
Our software and applications are very high-end specialized products and we are well-acknowledged for delivering on-time and within budget services. It is our commitment and we do not break trust.
Our professional IT Engineers are used to work with your existing software and integrate our solutions back into your business.

Analysis & Design

Analysis & DesignIT Ally’s understands the business needs and evaluate the goals of our clients. Our examination procedure depends on the objectives of our client’s up gradation needs and documenting those in an unmistakable manner, for designing, planning, developing, testing and commissioning of the intended solution to our business investors.
These processes could be provided by any ordinary company in the market. What we are good in to implement advanced solutions, the solutions that works actually, requires excellent skill, commitment and extensive experience. The design procedure comply how the solution will be developed and integrated into the compulsory systems infrastructure.
The team, we have, are capable of analyzing the demand and plan to develop a solid software solution that resolves your business needs. Our highly expert team willing to do following tasks:

  • Usability analysis
  • Test analysis
  • Resolution design
  • User interface design
  • Business analysis
  • Security design
  • Technical design
  • Integration design

Our Network Engineers are Experienced to Deliver the Following Tasks in Very Proficient Way

  • Project administration:Defining Scope, Budgeting, and Developing Milestones and manage Timeline of the Project.
  • Analysis: Providing Business requirements that are credibly confidential into priorities and real business value.
  • Interface design:A focus on clarity, completeness and user friendly product. Ignoring these important parameters will result in poor quality and long testing durations, failure of factory acceptance trials repeatedly with significant cost and time-to-market impacts.
  • Clarification and Procedural design: Drafts the technical provision of the analysis services, so that we assign task to the right team that can then professionally deliver the intended solution.

In an IT world of continuous exciting change, our analysis and design goals are the real achievements over decades of providing mission critical customer solutions continue to be:

  • Working to meet the customer needs and expectations.
  • Providing analysis and design.

Providing solutions that improves their business and continue to develop in a long run.

Systems Integration

System IntegrationIntensify corporate processes for cost effective, flexible and performance benefits.
We integrate better platforms, advanced applications and Mobile front end, which reduce complication and get the highest ROI from your IT project. We can deal Java, J2EE/ Microsoft .NET environment, IT Ally has wide experience in providing practical, integrated systems world-wide with variety of platforms.
We identify where sovereign outcome can be attained through mechanization and delegation, and our process-demonstrating analysis assure to get the best value for any business. Positive systems integration is the function of clear understanding of business procedure.
Our team has attentive skills in all integration approaches, including SOA, web services, J2EE, and other Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
What we covers:

  • Mule, IBM, JBOSS, Oracle, Apache, Sun, ForgeRock
  • SAP Netweaver
  • Microsoft (BizTalk)


Microsoft Dot NetHave .NET software solutions aim for your organization with best-practice processes.

If you want the solution for .NET solutions, IT Ally’s Microsoft software engineers practice can develop your application to budget and range. It is our commitment that you will have a provider that will keen to compass your business needs first and then customizes solutions, leveraging by our expert engineers.

IT Ally’s build practice covers the following services:

  • Mobile and tablet solutions
  • Structure cloud applications
  • Referring, development and end-to-end delivery solutions
  • Project management and business analysis
  • Endwise testing including automatic testing

Digital design facilities


IT Ally Open SourceIT Ally powers the best of the open-source users in our solutions.
IT Ally knows the ever-increasing competency of open source software components for fast, profitable delivery of high rank solutions. IT Ally believes in supporting the further growth of open source plans, and encourage our developers to contribute to and join in open source software projects and groups when possible.
Most of our solution to be delivered with leveraging open source components, from the use of growth outlines through to embrace enterprise solutions such as the user’s Portal.
We are expert in open source technologies including the below list:

  • mySQL
  • Spring
  • Tomcat
  • Drupal
  • Apache
  • jQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • JBoss
  • OpenAM

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