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You need a self service access to cloud software; we will help you in software as a service.
You think that you do not need a managed cloud software service and you can cut the cost by self service; we can help you in this by providing industry’s best Software as a service with full freedom and ease to develop, build, test and run your own applications and get full benefits of self service approach.
IT Ally provides variety of Software as a service solution with our own state of the art advanced and fast cloud platforms. Users can access the service from anywhere and anytime with the help of any browser. Our Self Services are the best in the market as we monitor and maintain our cloud infrastructure on regular basis and hence an uninterruptible service.
Our Software as a service gives you freedom of:

  • Cost savings:Whether it is a monthly payment plan or annual one, we provide cloud infrastructure and platforms that gives you peace of mind with an unbelievable low price.
  • Flexibility:Our plans have the flexibility of expending licenses any time as business grow often and needs to upgrade the plans.
  • Accessibility:SaaS application can easily be utilized with an internet browser, no matter it is a desktop or mobile device.
  • Upgradeability:As we discussed that our IT experts continuously monitor, manage and upgrade our Cloud Infrastructure so that you experience high end system performance.


Our customers using Platform as Services can also include SaaS into their plans easily this includes:

  • CRM as a Service
  • Payroll as a Service
  • Payments as a Service
  • Text Messaging as a Service
  • Online Applications services

Platform as a Service IT AllyPlatform as a Service

IT Ally’s Platform as a service is capable to perfectly meet your requirements and market standards.
IT Ally’s wide range of customers are enjoying the steer benefits of our enterprise platform as a service, developed on the best infrastructure that has already cater the market and perfect for your customized requirements. Customers utilize our platforms to run Microsoft’s ASP.NET; PHP and node.js.
The service is hosted in diversified locations to achieve demographic benefits like reducing server response time, redundancy and backup recovery. Customers can build their own applications with few easy steps with our user-friendly front end administrative panel.
IT Ally’s Platform as a Service delivers:

  • Build and execute your own application in minutes with our easy to use interface.
  • Our dynamic platforms enable you to run your application with full freedom.
  • Hosted on various locations, this demographic approach helps in redundancy and recovering backups.
  • Supports Multiple Languages which can be installed easily.

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