At IT Ally we produce products for a number of industries that are adaptable and can be easily integrated into your business.
We design robust, adaptable, user friendly and innovative software products that actually help our customers to run successful business with innovation.
Accelerators & Industry Templates
We enable our accelerators and industry templates to ensure speedy and fit for the purpose solution.
IT Ally we utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint to make sure that our customers would not have to extensively customize their existing system, hence our accelerator and industry templates are unique in this sense. This makes our solutions agile, speedy and economical.
Our accelerator and industry templates span over:

  • FMCG – Fast Moving Consumers Goods / CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Registration solutions
  • Advanced Offline Mobile “field force”
  • Advanced Case, Request and Business process management
  • Insurance
  • Member management
  • Financial Services
  • Advanced Call Centre scripting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Intranet
  • Subscription based business in a box (recurring revenue model)
  • Tourism

We are also proud to be certified partners with the following Dynamics CRM solutions:

  • CoreMotives – Digital Marketing
  • mscrm-addons
  • TKDialogs – Call Centre Scripting
  • Xperdoc- Document generation
  • CWR Mobile – Mobile solutions
  • Resco – Mobile solutions
  • ClickDimensions – Digital Marketing

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