Uninterruptible SMS IT AllyMessage Manager

IT Ally provides fast and uninterruptible SMS gateway service.
With the emergence and rise of innovative mobile devices, businesses needs to change how they communicate with their customers and staff as people now have the freedom to work from anywhere. More than 60 million SMS send daily only in Australia and New Zealand and that is a big channel for doing business too. Smart businesses do not ignore the opportunity to communicate text messaging to communicate with their customers and to find new clients.
We help corporations to enable the extension of their reach to their staff and customers efficiently and there comes our messaging gateways that work in favor of our clients to provide non interruptible fast communication.
SMS services from the traditional operators are growing immensely day by day and it seems it will never stop. This creates an opportunity for medium and large enterprise to take the advantage of people’s freedom and create a business channel with their business to right their hand held. SMS are really fast and effective way to market your existing business and upcoming products and can be a useful tool for two way communication as you can directly take feedback from your customers.

  • We provide SMS gateway connectivity fast and secure
  • Economical but reliable
  • Customized SMS templates
  • Gateways from any telecommunications operator
  • Campaign analysis
  • CDN like diversified server locations
  • Redundant infrastructure with round the clock monitoring and support.


Payment Manager IT AllyPayment Manager

IT Ally’s expertise in integrating E Payment gateways right into your online business and IT Infrastructure.
Our PCI-Compliant E payment system integration helps businesses to get single solution for their website, IVR as well as your IT centers. We at IT Ally understand that the more secure and reliable payment system is the only way to conquer the online market as the system that gives security and freedom to their customers for online transaction can increase profits and conversions.
Our Payment Manager is equally impressive in handling recurring payments, off payments and administration system.
IT Ally enable the merchants to take payments from, their customers with credit card or debit card or any other popular gateways right from web platforms, or via a standalone website, mobile or IVR system.
Our recurring web payment system allows customers to make transactions automatically on recurring cycle according to their predefined scheme. Our system is secure and retained the private payment information securely like credit cards details etc.
IT Ally’s backend payment manager enable administrators to manually charge customers payment, check payment history, make refunds, resolve disputes, set payment reminders to customers and having full control over the process but with security and reliability.

The IT Ally Payment Manager has the Key features like:

  • Supports Credit and Debit cards from popular payment solution systems like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discovery.
  • Flexibility of future integration of new payment methods.
  • Clients can register to set their payment scheme that enable recurring payments made easy.
  • Secure tokenized system does not compromise on the security and privacy of customers’ most private personal and payment.
  • We can implement connection to the best fraud management system that compliance payer verification and authentication.

IT Ally’s dedicated support for security issues.

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