Transforming businesses through ingenious solutions
Companies are repeatedly looking for reasonable up gradation by leveraging smart methods that will optimize their resources but increase profits. Using innovative solutions benefits their businesses and help to accomplish the desires of the market.
IT Ally’s promising software and specialized network design team understands he demand and take the right strategy by offering advanced high-end premium solutions and operational upgrading systems that are necessary to the development of a client’s business.
We have the experience to impeccably integrate new and advanced technologies that provide huge benefits. Our track record proves that we have served some of the most complex software and integration projects successfully and that is our identity in the market.

  • Digital Channels/Digital Commerce
  • Products
  • Big Data
  • Consulting
  • Application management
  • Cloud

Our solid commitment to meet the timeline, specialized team for every project and applying advanced technologies are our success secrets. This makes us to offer our reputed clients a number of defining competencies in the areas of:

  • We employ easy and equally effective programs that combine suitability with savings, and enable our clients to transform their infrastructure from an unsatisfactory platform to authentic architecture easily.
  • Provide customized client service portals.



At IT Ally, we have faith that adequate software design should make an evident difference to any business.
At IT Ally, we craft Software and IT Solutions that resolves long running IT problems of our clients.
Our software and applications are very high-end specialized products and we are well-acknowledged for delivering on-time and within budget services. It is our commitment and we do not break trust.
Our professional IT Engineers are used to work with your existing software and integrate our solutions back into your business.

Analysis & Design

IT Ally’s understands the business needs and evaluate the goals of our clients. Our examination procedure depends on the objectives of our client’s up gradation needs and documenting those in an unmistakable manner, for designing, planning, developing, testing and commissioning of the intended solution to our business investors.
These processes could be provided by any ordinary company in the market. What we are good in to implement advanced solutions, the solutions that works actually, requires excellent skill, commitment and extensive experience. The design procedure comply how the solution will be developed and integrated into the compulsory systems infrastructure.
The team, we have, are capable of analyzing the demand and plan to develop a solid software solution that resolves your business needs. Our highly expert team willing to do following tasks:

  • Usability analysis
  • Test analysis
  • Resolution design
  • User interface design
  • Business analysis
  • Security design
  • Technical design
  • Integration design

Our Network Engineers are Experienced to Deliver the Following Tasks in Very Proficient Way

  • Project administration:Defining Scope, Budgeting, and Developing Milestones and manage Timeline of the Project.
  • Analysis: Providing Business requirements that are credibly confidential into priorities and real business value.
  • Interface design:A focus on clarity, completeness and user friendly product. Ignoring these important parameters will result in poor quality and long testing durations, failure of factory acceptance trials repeatedly with significant cost and time-to-market impacts.
  • Clarification and Procedural design: Drafts the technical provision of the analysis services, so that we assign task to the right team that can then professionally deliver the intended solution.

In an IT world of continuous exciting change, our analysis and design goals are the real achievements over decades of providing mission critical customer solutions continue to be:

  • Working to meet the customer needs and expectations.
  • Providing analysis and design.
  • Providing solutions that improves their business and continue to develop in a long run.


Systems Integration

Intensify corporate processes for cost effective, flexible and performance benefits.
We integrate better platforms, advanced applications and Mobile front end, which reduce complication and get the highest ROI from your IT project. We can deal Java, J2EE/ Microsoft .NET environment, IT Ally has wide experience in providing practical, integrated systems world-wide with variety of platforms.
We identify where sovereign outcome can be attained through mechanization and delegation, and our process-demonstrating analysis assure to get the best value for any business. Positive systems integration is the function of clear understanding of business procedure.
Our team has attentive skills in all integration approaches, including SOA, web services, J2EE, and other Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
What we covers:

  • Mule, IBM, JBOSS,  Oracle, Apache, Sun, ForgeRock
  • SAP Netweaver
  • Microsoft (BizTalk)



Have .NET software solutions aim for your organization with best-practice processes.

If you want the solution for .NET solutions, IT Ally’s Microsoft software engineers practice can develop your application to budget and range. It is our commitment that you will have a provider that will keen to compass your business needs first and then customizes solutions, leveraging by our expert engineers.

IT Ally’s build practice covers the following services:

  • Mobile and tablet solutions
  • Structure cloud applications
  • Referring, development and end-to-end delivery solutions
  • Project management and business analysis
  • Endwise testing including automatic testing
  • Digital design facilities



IT Ally powers the best of the open-source users in our solutions.
IT Ally knows the ever-increasing competency of open source software components for fast, profitable delivery of high rank solutions. IT Ally believes in supporting the further growth of open source plans, and encourage our developers to contribute to and join in open source software projects and groups when possible.
Most of our solution to be delivered with leveraging open source components, from the use of growth outlines through to embrace enterprise solutions such as the user’s Portal.
We are expert in open source technologies including the below list:

  • mySQL
  • Spring
  • Tomcat
  • Drupal
  • Apache
  • jQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • JBoss
  • OpenAM


Change of business.

At IT Ally, we have wide range of experience solving business bugs. Our smart approach and ability to understand IT glitches, software services and solutions can grow a business into double the pace. We advise to use a variety of software, including security, customer relationship management (CRM), integration, and transformation.

We refer a solution based on our skill to analyze the problem and targeting the objectives. Our extensive experience providing businesses with effective improvement guidance and systems makes us as a leader in the industry. We are competent and efficient. We can work to integrate new solutions with any current systems. We are the match maker.

We also offer Project management and Software Quality Assurance Services.


Ensure your software solution is secure with IT Ally’s practical approach.

Poor software designs are vulnerable to security. Anyone can penetrate enterprise systems. Incorporation of security into every aspect of the software development is the only key to safer software and enhanced lifecycle. We provide a security solution with pragmatic approach and that is why all our projects enjoying the perks of being secure. We do not provide ordinary software security assessments; instead we work with our clients autonomously to provide economical, fit-for-purpose security solution.

Our software security solutions include:

  • Threat Modeling
  • Secure architecture and design
  • Code reviews
  • Internal penetration testing

Our security architects maintain detailed knowledge of the OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS and other security related guides and standards and are experienced in the design and build the security of the projects that actually works.


Get in proximity to your customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM – on any device at anytime.
A poorly implemented customer relationship management (CRM) can cost you money, time and losing customers. IT Ally’s CRM solutions organizes and automating business processes and hence increase your profits. We challenge to give the best ROI in the market. We can help you to frost customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service areas and to increase the rate of recurring clients.

We’ll help your sales team with a streamlined application that helps them to visit more clients, more often, enabling them to focus on the activities that matter to increase sales, achieving targets and improve engagement with your customers.
CRM solutions can also improve your customer services by assuring that you respond to customer queries in a structured and organized fashion.
Targeted digital marketing campaigns which includes email marketing, landing pages, Polls, surveys, lead generation and lot more can easily achieved by the help of CRM, CRM engages people to enjoy these benefits.
Key features:

  • IT Ally has New Zealand’s largest dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice and we hold the Microsoft Gold Competency in CRM
  • CRM turnkey solutions like project management, configuration, installation, development, integration, solution architecture, data migration, deployment, quality assurance, training and after sale support.
  • Our approach is simple but effective. To minimize complex customization by reusing out of the box capability as well as our accelerators and industry templates and partner solutions.
  • Speed-to-market through IT Ally CRM Onlinea pay-as-you-go (per user, per month), software-as-a-service, locally-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.



Identity & Access Management

IT Ally designs, deploys and incorporate complex identity provisioning and access management solutions that are critical for security and collaboration.
Online communication and collaboration between staff within office territory or at project office, customers and partners play a vital element for many organizations. In many cases, external parties have to access confidential data and information of an organization, so it has become necessary to know the identity of the users and to control their access.  The challenge is to provide user friendly experience without compromising data security and privacy. An identity and access management (IAM) system is a set of business processes, tools, techniques and technologies that facilitate the management of identity information relating to individuals, organizations and devices. IT Ally’s proven successful record of enterprise implementation is the key to your business growth. We work with you to rinse your technology problems and gives you enrich experience to focus on what you are in best.

Identity management manages the identity data while access management’s prime concern is with authentication and authorization. We have a depth of knowledge across a range of identity and access management platforms, from multi-national seller products to open source frameworks and tailored development solutions.
We Offer:

  • High end and efficient productivity through automated user provisioning, deputed administration and role management, heightened self-service capabilities, alerting system, logging, and reporting systems.
  • Assessment of business objectives against identity and access management software solutions to deploy the best result that meets your requirements.
  • Dedicated after deployment support through our contact centre services and application management teams.

IT Ally’s identity and access management services comprise of:

  • Practical long run solutions for Single Sign-on and Federation which includes integration with cloud-based software services.
  • Design of supreme performance software infrastructure that is equally secure and efficient with no compromise on privacy.
  • Incorporate provisioning and user management solutions to target internal, partner and end user.

We are expert in these IAM products and solutions:

  • ForgeRock OpenAM, OpenDJ, and OpenIDM
  • Sun Waveset & Oracle OpenSSO Identity Manager (original Sun products)
  • Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), BHOLD Entitlement Manager
  • Azure Access Control System (ACS)
  • RealMe service integration and NZ Government iGovt
  • I&AM Application Integration across a range of platforms e.g. ASP.NET, ASP, JAVA and PHP.
  • I&AM Application implementation for claims-based applications using Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)



IT Ally gives integration solutions for businesses that are build on Microsoft Integration technology.
Our Microsoft Integration practice includes BizTalk, a Microsoft Integration Technology. We have successfully integrated some of the most complex and immense integration solutions in New Zealand.
Our cloud or on-premise services speak the language of trust and reliability. We craft the solutions which fix business needs, must be reliable and should have the maximum ROI. We commit integration in the following areas:

  • Consulting, development and end-to-end delivery of integration solutions
  • SaaS and Cloud (including Azure) Integration
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Automated Testing
  • BizTalk
  • SSIS
  • Upgrades to your already implemented MS Integration platform and to migrates to entirely new platform
  • K2 workflow solutions
  • SAP Integration with your MS platform


BI & Big Data

IT Ally analyzes our customers across relative, dimensional, formalized data warehouse and unstructured data stores and provides competitive insights and prognostic analytics for, both big and fast.
At IT Ally we realize that business intelligence solutions, that at its core should be reliable, can change your business, your culture and your ability to take advantage in more fronts. To cater this, we have built an extremely impressive professional team that provides a unique and pragmatic framework and strategy that actually works for you.
With the untapped benefits of Big Data storage and your data warehouse, we can provide economical end-to-end solution, as a service, to give you the strategic edge.
Our experts cover a range of technologies, advanced strategies and platforms, with experienced BI Consultants and Data Architects, who are specialized in dealing the flow of information through your organization, how to manage and control it, and how to acquire maximum benefits from it. We realize the importance of your data, your computation and correlation models, and your information. We analyze that data and plan as strategy to help you build a better and more profitable business.
We have successfully worked for supply chain, retail, financial services, logistics, power, media, telecom and more and we are continue to engage more diversified clients and transforming them into our partners with our customized solutions and out of the box support approach.

  • Business Analytics:Using modern multi-dimensional modeling tools we do Data mining, forecasting, what-if and scenario based modeling on your. Interactive dashboards, KPIs, analytical reports and data mining solutions are implemented using Microsoft SQL Server, and the QlikView BI Tool with advanced GIS visualization tools.
  • Data Warehousing:We uses a unique proposition by the combination of ETL framework, durable, data warehouse design approach, and affiliated monitoring and metadata management tools inclusive of data reconciliation. Many data warehouse environments have been leveraged by our systems.
  • Data Computing Appliances:IT Ally’s Pivotal DB heavily parallel processing data computing appliance that delivers data storage and processing as a service.
  • Master Data Management:We provide comprehensive data management solutions for distributing master data throughout your line of business process.
  • Data Architecture and EA/IA:We adopt methodologies like ARCHIMATE and TOGAF, for migration management and complex data environment with our strategic consultancy. We align EA repository with data lineage and metadata management.
  • Data Service:We manage and maintain your un-structured or relational secure data stores by engaging an expert team that provides operational support with cost effective and robust solutions.


Application Management

IT Ally caters high quality and reliable application management services that enhance your technology investments bringing growth to the business.
The complexity of large, legacy applications are unlike ordinary application development that are aligned to new business expansion and be the domain of in house IT teams. The time and effort it takes to maintain the application can often turn aside teams from their core purpose leveraging growth of business by implementing technology.
IT Ally is competent in application management for a long time. We promise efficiency, quality and cost advantages by maintaining and managing line of business software. Our services improve operational excellence but not limited to optimizing the value of your application investments.
Over the years we are serving the industry with our premium support, cost effective solutions and enhance applications, which may be:

  • Built by IT Ally where our core application knowledge is stronger than our clients.
  • Customized applications designed especially for our client.
  • Optimizing operational excellence, which boosts our client’s business.
  • In-House hosted applications that resides with our client.
  • Implemented on out of the date technologies, which require costly technical resources


Strategic Services

IT Ally can help you to simplify, putting on criteria and enhance the technology footprint in-house through defining a solid framework.

IT Ally’s strategic services provides a solid framework for large and medium organizations to attain maximum growth, simplify and standardize their application portfolio across various business blocks. Our consultancy have been designed to assure a strategy that business managed to gain a visible application footprint in-house and can benefit these to deliver to the requirements of the business.
Below are the key competencies:

  • Application Portfolio Management – Determine the DNA of organization and business process needs to employ a specialized application solution.
  • Application lifecycle Management – Manage efficiency and cost of your application portfolio alongside with capacity, performance and renewal processes.
  • Application Service aggregation – Using Integrated service management and managed framework of processes to contend multiple application support partners.



IT Ally’s puts all its effort to make sure that your business remains operational 24×7, allowing you to focus your resources on the business, while maintaining your cost thrift.
The regular IT operations can hold back resource, costly and challenge to be innovative and remain focused on its core capabilities, which in many cases turn to be damaging the company’s growth.IT Ally’s broad experience in managing these environments ensures massive up rise across the business, while render the business to be focused on its core competencies.
Specifically, IT Ally can deliver the following services;

  • Integrate application support services using ITSM frameworks
  • Manage application change and  release management
  • Using leading tools to monitoring business application operations
  • Contend source and application build  processes over the Enterprise
  • Manage and automate regression testing across linked processes, procedures and applications



We know the strategic importance of managed IT system and that is why we put all our efforts to become your trusted partner to assure high-end IT management and performance.

Our IT specialist engages to drive innovation and business improvement by the use their knowledge of a business’ operations that leaves little time for the maintenance of legacy systems. IT Ally is known in the industry as a trusted ally which serve customized and economical system support and up gradation to your IT systems. IT Ally’s partnering comprehend several options;

  • Built by IT Ally where our core application authority knowledge is firm than our customers
  • Built on out dated technology which often needs expensive resources
  • Not centric to the business value creation initiatives of our customers
  • To an extend that is unsuitable for client in-house maintenance and development

Specifically, we can serve in the following areas;

  • Our architecture and testing services integrate application development into a managed framework.
  • We skip your need for your own developers, testers and project managers
  • Easy transformation from in-house or 3rd party support to IT Ally
  • Supporting local and remote customers by our team at various centers
  • Work with multiple technology flock
  • Up gradation with smooth transition
  • Optimization of business processes


Up gradation & Transformation

IT Ally ensures that the process of transformation from your existing system to upgraded one must be smooth
Organizations want to ensure that they can maximize ROI before they decide to upgrade to modernize legacy applications because they are making immense investments in their technology portfolio.
We have faith in our proven, repeatable methods, experience and technical innovation that we have practiced over the time to serve various clients and ensure that extending the lifetime of significant IT systems can deliver huge benefits into the future and hence a prosper business.
IT Ally optimizes expends your IT investment with our trusted expert staff, industry leading tools and procedures, by providing the following capabilities:

  • Expend the lifetime of substantial application technology and data investments
  • Using strategic alignment to get more benefit from your technology investments
  • Speed optimization by analyzing business process performance
  • Manage in-house and third party support teams


Digital Solutions & E Commerce

IT Ally provides state of the art digital solutions, equally innovative with a focus on functional outcomes.
It is important to build and maintain a fresh, eye-catching designed website that can capture market and fills a business need.  Our digital solutions including websites, online digital portals, intranets, extranets, and user experience solutions and social media consulting.
IT Ally’s web services are designed to ensure neat and clean designs which should be user friendly and easy to manage.  We have already served some of the big names New Zealand and Australia in the production of websites, intranets and extranets that have a proven track record to significantly improvements to traffic, click-through rates, conversions and, most importantly, online sales.
Our Online Solutions includes:

  • We provide, easy to manage and upgrade, content management systems using latest tools and technologies
  • We first analyze your online presence objectives and designs the strategy that not only significantly boost you brand presence online but also increase conversions.
  • We provide real time 24*7 technical support and modification according to your needs
  • Our E Commerce solutions can be conciliated with your existing enterprise technologies
  • We provide maximum security to your E Commerce system so that you can focus on your core business process and enjoy the return of your investments



IT Ally is experienced in making strategy to boost your online customers and sales and deliver the high-end technology solutions that accelerates your online brand presence rapidly.
We are trusted to deliver the quality online solutions that work actually because our expert team has intimate knowledge of web solutions and knows the market trends. They, then coordinates with our web experts, to implement a customized solution which is agile, responsive, adoptive and brand able and that is why Organizations trust our services. We are expert to simplify businesses processes, reduce time to online visibility and enrich the customer experience.
IT Ally’s approach to internet and online solutions is to combine innovation with ease of use so that online visitors that are your potential clients can experience user friendly interaction. We are focused on conversions by the use of planned killer strategy that accelerates to achieve your online business objectives. All we use is technology and ethical tactics to ensure the win-win situation for our customers and their clients.
We serve the following internet solutions:

  • Web Content Management: We use latest tools and platforms to enable content managed websites that are user friendly and can be updated using with ease.
  • Enterprise Content Management: You can now distribute, share, publish and broadcast your information with our online content management enterprise solutions with in your organization and over internet.

Other areas of expertise are:

  • Internet Architecture: Our technology architect analyzes your needs and proposes the state of the art internet architecture solutions that work for you best.
  • Information Architecture: We established a robust, well-defined, target oriented approach in order to develop information architecture (IA) for our clients.
  • Digital Consultancy: We provide digital advisory to help you out in the area of digital deficiency and that you can get maximum outcomes of your investments. Our consultancy caters many of the market standards like competition analysis and market insights to better advise you on your problems.
  •  Integration Services: Our identity is scalable integration that grows your business in significant speed. Integration services team uses the latest tools and practical strategies that work for you.
  • Application Maintenance: We provide a market competent application maintenance service.
  • Analysis and Branding: We analysis your business process and objectives and provide you a top notch branding solution.
  • Content Strategy and Security: We design application security that eliminates the threat of being unauthorized access but creates no hurdle in content transmission and flow across the enterprise.



IT Ally boosts the speed of transformation and up gradation in your business with our expert team, extensive experience and detailed problem analytical skills.

A meaningful intranet solution can improve communication and information sharing within organization. IT Ally plans and implement intranet solutions to improve business agility and response time, simplify businesses procedures that significantly enrich the peoples, inside-out organization, with better experience from a cultural perspective.

Intranets have been a trademark of our business success portfolio. We have helped some of the Australia and New Zealand’s big companies to carry out intranet with our design, development and support expertise.

Our approach to intranet solutions includes but not limited to deep technical analysis, brainstorming with design, usability and elegance. We are not only focused on the functional outcomes but we also emphasize quick penetration into the market with the use of our accelerators. At IT Ally, what distinct us from the rest is we can integrate our solutions into your existing tech in a proficient manner.
The broad intranet solutions we give are:

  • Enterprise Content Management: We deliver platforms that allow you to share, distribute and coordinate information across an enterprise.
  • Enterprise Document Management: IT Ally enables processes that secure your information, content and documentation and store with the facility of backups.
  • Enterprise Search: We implement search platforms that surfaces up information on demand of users within the organization. Our search filters and multi level access approach delivers the search solution that benefits employs and business directly.

Other popular services are:

  • Analysis and Branding: We analysis your business process and objectives and provide you a state of the art branding solution.
  • Information Architecture: We build a robust, clearly-defined, target oriented approach in order to develop information architecture (IA) for our clients.
  • Digital Consultancy: We provide digital advisory to help you out in the area of digital deficiency and that you can get supreme outcomes of your investments. Our consultancy caters many of the market standards like competition analysis and market insights to better advise you on your problems.
  • Integration Services: Our identity is scalable integration that leverages your business in significant speed. Integration services team uses the latest tools and practical strategies that work for you.
  • Application Maintenance: We provide a market competent application maintenance services that backed up with expert support.
  • Content Strategy and Security: We design application security that eliminates the threat of being unauthorized user access but remains smooth in content transmission and flow across the enterprise.
  • Document and Records Management: Keep records, secure it and retrieve it when lost.
  • Enterprise 2.0: Personalization, collaboration and team spaces
  • Security: Improve your security, privacy and authentication practices



IT Ally uses its experience to help organizations to better share information with their customers.

This is the era of fast information sharing and companies, partners and customers wants to share the information with each other. We provide an extranet enterprise solution that will increase business responsiveness, enrich user experience and equally simplified businesses.

Our extranet solutions bring markets and customers closer to your business and hence improve sales and conversions.

The services we deliver in the extranet space are:

  • Web Content Management: With the use of latest tools and platforms we enable content managed websites that are user friendly and can be updated using with ease.
  • Enterprise Content Management: You can now distribute, share, publish and broadcast your content and information with our online content management enterprise solutions with in your organization and over internet with full control.

Other core areas we serve our customers are:

  • Internet Architecture: Our technology architect analyzes your needs and proposes the state of the art internet architecture solutions that work for you best.
  • Information Architecture: We established a robust, well-defined, target oriented approach in order to develop information architecture (IA) for our clients.
  • Digital Consultancy: We provide digital advisory to help you out in the area of deficiency and that you can get maximum outcomes of your technology investments. Our consultancy includes many of the market standards like competition analysis and market insights to better advise you on your problems.
  •  Integration Services: Our identity is scalable integration that grows your business in significant speed and attains the functional outcomes. Integration services team uses the latest tools and practical strategies that work for you.
  • Application Maintenance: We deliver a market competent application maintenance service that simple gives you peace of mind.



This is an era of mobility and every business needs mobility solutions that harvest benefits of mobility at its full strength. IT Ally has the expertise to deliver the right mobility solution for your enterprise.
With the excessive use smart phones and tablets for work and entertainment purposes, businesses are now adopting the mobility to increase their profits and to facilitate their customers. IT Ally designs and develop the high-end mobility solutions to fasten business process, improve access to information internally and externally, increase business productivity, simplify process with ease of access to the customer needs.
IT Ally’s mobility solutions are enriched with the power of enterprise software integrated with smart mobile devices to bring customers close to your doorsteps.
Our innovative mobility solutions are fresh and ready to capture the market. We deliver the below mobility solution with innovative approach.

  • Mobile Application Development: We provide highly customized and agile mobile application development and integrate businesses directly into the palm of their potential clients.
  •  Mobile Infrastructure: We offer cloud or on-premise mobile infrastructure to our customers. Our primary goal is to make sure that our solution must be adaptable, light weighted and can secure and share files and documents across environments and to provide access to modern apps design.
  • Mobile Security: We are very much concern with the security of our customers’ mobile environments and we ensure a risk free mobile solution. We help our customers for better control and risk management by concentrate on user, device, apps and data security:
  • Mobile Assessments and Consulting: A small flaw in strategy can make you lose huge chunk of business profit that you can get from mobility. That is why IT Ally makes sure to give market competent mobile advisory service by to-the-target strategy.
  • Mobile Device Management: Major mobile device operating systems including Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows, we enable mobile device management (MDM) for all popular mobile operating systems.


  • Mobile Architecture: Our expert mobile architect understands your needs and proposes the state of the art mobile architecture solutions that work for you best.
  • Mobile Consultancy and Advisory:  We provide consultancy to help you out in the area of deficiency in implementing mobile technology to your core business and that you can get maximum outcomes of your technology investments.
  • Integration services: Our mobile integration team is market experts and help you grows your business in significant speed with mobility. Mobile integration services team uses the latest tools and strategies that work for you.


Social Media

IT Ally help businesses to strengthen their online presence and communicate with customers and attract new business using social media.
At IT Ally, we understand the need of social interactions as it is a necessary block to efficiently brand your business online. With significant level of technical experience and expertise, our experienced consultants who recognize business challenges and how social media can be used to cope those challenges.
Social Strategy: With the use of latest analytical tools, specialized for social media, we enable and deliver the social media strategy that helps you market and strengthen your brand.

Other services with proven successful track record are:

  • Social Media Management: We established strong online social media presence to help your business to find new horizons for sales.
  • Digital Consultancy: We provide digital consultancy in the field of social networks and inbound marketing that leverage your business in significant branding and increasing conversions.
  •  Integration Services: Our identity is professional integration that heightens your business in significant speed with the help of social media power.


User Experience

At IT Ally, We have a significant experience to deliver a user experience solution that is advanced, agile and innovative.
At IT Ally, we understand how important the user experience is to the end-user. Known for providing a high end of technical expertise, we also have recognized for our experienced UI and UX consultants who knows business challenges and how user experience can be enhanced to your specific solution. We work hard to ensure a successful implementation.
The IT Ally Digital trained team can boost your business growth with the customer trust, the trust that can be achieved by providing a better and memorable user experience.
Our solutions spans in the areas:

Digital strategyWorkshops and facilitationPersonas, goals and scenariosIdentity developmentCustomer experience auditsExpert evaluationsNZ web standards-compliant designHTML and CSS productionInteraction design and IAVisual designInteractive designUser testing




At IT Ally we produce products for a number of industries that are adaptable and can be easily integrated into your business.
We design robust, adaptable, user friendly and innovative software products that actually help our customers to run successful business with innovation.

Accelerators & Industry Templates

We enable our accelerators and industry templates to ensure speedy and fit for the purpose solution.
IT Ally we utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint to make sure that our customers would not have to extensively customize their existing system, hence our accelerator and industry templates are unique in this sense. This makes our solutions agile, speedy and economical.
Our accelerator and industry templates span over:

  • FMCG – Fast Moving Consumers Goods / CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Registration solutions
  • Advanced Offline Mobile “field force”
  • Advanced Case, Request and Business process management
  • Insurance
  • Member management
  • Financial Services
  • Advanced Call Centre scripting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Intranet
  • Subscription based business in a box (recurring revenue model)
  • Tourism

We are also proud to be certified partners with the following Dynamics CRM solutions:

  • CoreMotives – Digital Marketing
  • mscrm-addons
  • TKDialogs – Call Centre Scripting
  • Xperdoc-  Document generation
  • CWR Mobile – Mobile solutions
  • Resco – Mobile solutions
  • ClickDimensions – Digital Marketing


IT Ally CRM Online

Our Locally-Hosted, cloud-based proven CRM solution
At IT Ally we know that faster solutions are the need of today’s business world that is why we put our solid efforts into speedy CRM solution for your business. We make sure that our locally hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution roll out fast, a pay-as-you-go (per user, per month).
We eliminate the hurdles of investing on servers, managing them and purchasing licenses Microsoft Dynamics CRM just enjoy the solution and we will take care of the rest. Our datacenters are secure, fast, reliable and cost effective and are best for your CRM needs.
Key features:

  • Flexibility: We provide the flexibility of Pay-as-you-go that means you pay on your need, not more than that.
  • Locally hosted: We host CRM into our own fast and secure datacenters.
  • Dynamics CRM: Fully functional dynamic CRM solution to cover all resolute.


IT Ally SharePoint Online

Our fast and reliable locally hosted, cloud-based SharePoint solutions are our identity.
IT Ally’s take cares the responsibility to run and support the SharePoint software so that you focus on delivering to your customers efficiently. This allows you to harvest the benefits of enriched collaboration, intelligence and uninterruptable workflow .Get rid of having the hurdles of investing on servers, managing them and purchasing licenses for Microsoft SharePoint Online which makes our solutions cost-effective, fast and reliable with our secure datacenters.
Key features:

  • Flexibility: We enable and deliver the flexibility of Pay-as-you-go that means you pay on your need, not more than that.
  • Locally hosted: We host share point into our own fast and secure datacenters.


Message Manager

IT Ally provides fast and uninterruptable SMS gateway service.
With the emergence and rise of innovative mobile devices, businesses needs to change how they communicate with their customers and staff as people now have the freedom to work from anywhere. More than 60 million SMS send daily only in Australia and New Zealand and that is a big channel for doing business too. Smart businesses do not ignore the opportunity to communicate text messaging to communicate with their customers and to find new clients.
We help corporations to enable the extension of their reach to their staff and customers efficiently and there comes our messaging gateways that work in favor of our clients to provide non interruptible fast communication.
SMS services from the traditional operators are growing immensely day by day and it seems it will never stop. This creates an opportunity for medium and large enterprise to take the advantage of people’s freedom and create a business channel with their business to right their hand held. SMS are really fast and effective way to market your existing business and upcoming products and can be a useful tool for two way communication as you can directly take feedback from your customers.

  • We provide SMS gateway connectivity fast and secure
  • Economical but reliable
  • Customized SMS templates
  • Gateways from any telecommunications operator
  • Campaign analysis
  • CDN like diversified server locations
  • Redundant infrastructure with round the clock monitoring and support.


Payment Manager

IT Ally’s expertise in integrating E Payment gateways right into your online business and IT Infrastructure.
Our PCI-Compliant E payment system integration helps businesses to get single solution for their website, IVR as well as your IT centers. We at IT Ally understand that the more secure and reliable payment system is the only way to conquer the online market as the system that gives security and freedom to their customers for online transaction can increase profits and conversions.
Our Payment Manager is equally impressive in handling recurring payments, off payments and administration system.
IT Ally enable the merchants to take payments from, their customers with credit card or debit card or any other popular gateways right from web platforms, or via a standalone website, mobile or IVR system.
Our recurring web payment system allows customers to make transactions automatically on recurring cycle according to their predefined scheme. Our system is secure and retained the private payment information securely like credit cards details etc.
IT Ally’s backend payment manager enable administrators to manually charge customers payment, check payment history, make refunds, resolve disputes, set payment reminders to customers and having full control over the process but with security and reliability.
The IT Ally Payment Manager has the Key features like:

  • Supports Credit and Debit cards from popular payment solution systems like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discovery.
  • Flexibility of future integration of new payment methods.
  • Clients can register to set their payment scheme that enable recurring payments made easy.
  • Secure tokenized system does not compromise on the security and privacy of customers’ most private personal and payment.
  • We can implement connection to the best fraud management system that compliance payer verification and authentication.
  • IT Ally’s dedicated support for security issues.



Businesses trust IT Ally’s consultancy for utilizing cloud computing to extract maximum outcome of enterprise technology.
We recommend, we integrate the revolutionized cloud technology to ensure the minimization of turbulence in the business process and to get the significant edge over your competitors.
The scalable benefits of cloud computing is attaining significant speed, agile in nature, edge over competitors and reduce the response time and hence gaining more trust of your customers. We are not just a cloud provider but we consider our esteemed clients as our partners and we consider it our duty to manage their technology glitches and increase their growth by implemented a sound cloud solution. We understand market trends and adapt the latest tools and advanced servers to bring our partners one step forward from their competitors in the market.
IT Ally experts are experienced in providing the advisory in planning and execution of cloud:

  • Cloud Consultancy:Modeling of the right strategy according to your market requirements and gives a plan that works for you.
  • Up Gradation:To ensure the smooth transition to cloud computing and to make sure that your business modernization do not create hurdles to your current processes. This is important for enterprise to be available any time to their clients no matter the transformation takes place.
  • Application Maintenance: We deliver a market competent cloud technology application maintenance service that simple gives you peace of mind.
  • Integration services:Speedy, smooth and reliable cloud integration.
  • Cloud Software:There is no doubt that the world has been revolutionized with innovative utilization of software and the trend is increasing day by day. We offer core APIs that are agile and link up your business to the world of cloud.
  • Cloud architecture:Among so many choices of cloud architecture, we choose the one which suits you the most.


Platform as a Service

IT Ally’s Platform as a service is capable to perfectly meet your requirements and market standards.
IT Ally’s wide range of customers are enjoying the steer benefits of our enterprise platform as a service, developed on the best infrastructure that has already cater the market and perfect for your customized requirements. Customers utilize our platforms to run Microsoft’s ASP.NET; PHP and node.js.
The service is hosted in diversified locations to achieve demographic benefits like reducing server response time, redundancy and backup recovery. Customers can build their own applications with few easy steps with our user-friendly front end administrative panel.
IT Ally’s Platform as a Service delivers:

  • Build and execute your own application in minutes with our easy to use interface.
  • Our dynamic platforms enable you to run your application with full freedom.
  • Hosted on various locations, this demographic approach helps in redundancy and recovering backups.
  • Supports Multiple Languages which can be installed easily.


Software as a Service

You need a self service access to cloud software; we will help you in software as a service.
You think that you do not need a managed cloud software service and you can cut the cost by self service; we can help you in this by providing industry’s best Software as a service with full freedom and ease to develop, build, test and run your own applications and get full benefits of self service approach.
IT Ally provides variety of Software as a service solution with our own state of the art advanced and fast cloud platforms. Users can access the service from anywhere and anytime with the help of any browser. Our Self Services are the best in the market as we monitor and maintain our cloud infrastructure on regular basis and hence an uninterruptable service.
Our Software as a service gives you freedom of:

  • Cost savings:  Whether it is a monthly payment plan or annual one, we provide cloud infrastructure and platforms that gives you peace of mind with an unbelievable low price.
  • Flexibility:  Our plans have the flexibility of expending licenses any time as business grow often and needs to upgrade the plans.
  • Accessibility:  SaaS application can easily be utilized with an internet browser, no matter it is a desktop or mobile device.
  • Upgradeability:  As we discussed that our IT experts continuously monitor, manage and upgrade our Cloud Infrastructure so that you experience high end system performance.

Our customers using Platform as Services can also include SaaS into their plans easily this includes:


Cloud Integration

There is no question on the agility and effectiveness of cloud computing but it has some back end challenges that IT Ally’s team are trained to cope with and that is why we offer full integration of cloud services into your business.
The migration on cloud servers have streams of benefits for your business and there is no doubt that migration in itself is an hectic process which may risk your data, information and for most customers. We help you to completely transformation and migration of enterprise to cloud with our fast and reliable cloud integration service.
At IT Ally, you will be given a new kind of solution and that is Integrated Platform as a Service which enables to securely access your SaaS and PaaS and integrates them as per your business needs. The platform integration enables to connect in-house IT resources to SaaS and Legacy applications over cloud with effective integration of cloud services to enterprise applications.
We provide elastic and effective solution with Key features:

  • Numerous connectors to integrate SaaS and cloud services
  • Flexible framework
  • Robust and core integration engine
  • Privacy and Security with its full extend
  • Enriched with easy to use tools to monitor and control processes.


Transformation & Operations

Your running application portfolio can be now going clouded withIT Ally’s professional team that analyze and suggest you the best possible cloud model according to your needs.

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