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IT Ally gives integration solutions for businesses that are built on Microsoft Integration technology.
Our Microsoft Integration practice includes BizTalk, a Microsoft Integration Technology. We have successfully integrated some of the most complex and immense integration solutions in New Zealand.
Our cloud or on-premise services speak the language of trust and reliability. We craft the solutions which fix business needs, must be reliable and should have the maximum ROI. We commit integration in the following areas:

  • Consulting, development and end-to-end delivery of integration solutions
  • SaaS and Cloud (including Azure) Integration
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Automated Testing
  • BizTalk
  • SSIS
  • Upgrades to your already implemented MS Integration platform and to migrates to entirely new platform
  • K2 workflow solutions
  • SAP Integration with your MS platform

BI & Big Data

IT Ally analyzes our customers across relative, dimensional, formalized data warehouse and unstructured data stores and provides competitive insights and prognostic analytics for, both big and fast.
At IT Ally we realize that business intelligence solutions, that at its core should be reliable, can change your business, your culture and your ability to take advantage in more fronts. To cater this, we have built an extremely impressive professional team that provides a unique and pragmatic framework and strategy that actually works for you.
With the untapped benefits of Big Data storage and your data warehouse, we can provide economical end-to-end solution, as a service, to give you the strategic edge.
Our experts cover a range of technologies, advanced strategies and platforms, with experienced BI Consultants and Data Architects, who are specialized in dealing the flow of information through your organization, how to manage and control it, and how to acquire maximum benefits from it. We realize the importance of your data, your computation and correlation models, and your information. We analyze that data and plan as strategy to help you build a better and more profitable business.
We have successfully worked for supply chain, retail, financial services, logistics, power, media, telecom and more and we are continue to engage more diversified clients and transforming them into our partners with our customized solutions and out of the box support approach.

  • Business Analytics: Using modern multi-dimensional modeling tools we do Data mining, forecasting, what-if and scenario based modeling on your. Interactive dashboards, KPIs, analytical reports and data mining solutions are implemented using Microsoft SQL Server, and the QlikView BI Tool with advanced GIS visualization tools.
  • Data Warehousing: We uses a unique proposition by the combination of ETL framework, durable, data warehouse design approach, and affiliated monitoring and metadata management tools inclusive of data reconciliation. Many data warehouse environments have been leveraged by our systems.
  • Data Computing Appliances: IT Ally’s Pivotal DB heavily parallel processing data computing appliance that delivers data storage and processing as a service.
  • Master Data Management: We provide comprehensive data management solutions for distributing master data throughout your line of business process.
  • Data Architecture and EA/IA: We adopt methodologies like ARCHIMATE and TOGAF, for migration management and complex data environment with our strategic consultancy. We align EA repository with data lineage and metadata management.
  • Data Service: We manage and maintain your un-structured or relational secure data stores by engaging an expert team that provides operational support with cost effective and robust solutions.

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