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IT Ally designs, deploys and incorporate complex identity provisioning and access management solutions that are critical for security and collaboration.
Online communication and collaboration between staff within office territory or at project office, customers and partners play a vital element for many organizations. In many cases, external parties have to access confidential data and information of an organization, so it has become necessary to know the identity of the users and to control their access.  The challenge is to provide user friendly experience without compromising data security and privacy. An identity and access management (IAM) system is a set of business processes, tools, techniques and technologies that facilitate the management of identity information relating to individuals, organizations and devices. IT Ally’s proven successful record of enterprise implementation is the key to your business growth. We work with you to rinse your technology problems and gives you enrich experience to focus on what you are in best.

Identity management manages the identity data while access management’s prime concern is with authentication and authorization. We have a depth of knowledge across a range of identity and access management platforms, from multi-national seller products to open source frameworks and tailored development solutions.
We Offer:

  • High end and efficient productivity through automated user provisioning, deputed administration and role management, heightened self-service capabilities, alerting system, logging, and reporting systems.
  • Assessment of business objectives against identity and access management software solutions to deploy the best result that meets your requirements.
  • Dedicated after deployment support through our contact centre services and application management teams.

IT Ally’s identity and access management services comprise of:

  • Practical long run solutions for Single Sign-on and Federation which includes integration with cloud-based software services.
  • Design of supreme performance software infrastructure that is equally secure and efficient with no compromise on privacy.
  • Incorporate provisioning and user management solutions to target internal, partner and end user.

We are expert in these IAM products and solutions:

  • ForgeRock OpenAM, OpenDJ, and OpenIDM
  • Sun Waveset & Oracle OpenSSO Identity Manager (original Sun products)
  • Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), BHOLD Entitlement Manager
  • Azure Access Control System (ACS)
  • RealMe service integration and NZ Government iGovt
  • I&AM Application Integration across a range of platforms e.g. ASP.NET, ASP, JAVA and PHP.
  • I&AM Application implementation for claims-based applications using Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)

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