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Businesses trust IT Ally’s consultancy for utilizing cloud computing to extract maximum outcome of enterprise technology.
We recommend, we integrate the revolutionized cloud technology to ensure the minimization of turbulence in the business process and to get the significant edge over your competitors.
The scalable benefits of cloud computing is attaining significant speed, agile in nature, edge over competitors and reduce the response time and hence gaining more trust of your customers. We are not just a cloud provider but we consider our esteemed clients as our partners and we consider it our duty to manage their technology glitches and increase their growth by implemented a sound cloud solution. We understand market trends and adapt the latest tools and advanced servers to bring our partners one step forward from their competitors in the market.

IT Ally experts are experienced in providing the advisory in planning and execution of cloud:

  • Cloud Consultancy: Modeling of the right strategy according to your market requirements and gives a plan that works for you.
  • Up Gradation: To ensure the smooth transition to cloud computing and to make sure that your business modernization do not create hurdles to your current processes. This is important for enterprise to be available any time to their clients no matter the transformation takes place.
  • Application Maintenance: We deliver a market competent cloud technology application maintenance service that simple gives you peace of mind.
  • Integration services: Speedy, smooth and reliable cloud integration.
  • Cloud Software: There is no doubt that the world has been revolutionized with innovative utilization of software and the trend is increasing day by day. We offer core APIs that are agile and link up your business to the world of cloud.
  • Cloud architecture: Among so many choices of cloud architecture, we choose the one which suits you the most.

Cloud Integration

There is no question on the agility and effectiveness of cloud computing but it has some back end challenges that IT Ally’s team are trained to cope with and that is why we offer full integration of cloud services into your business.
The migration on cloud servers have streams of benefits for your business and there is no doubt that migration in itself is an hectic process which may risk your data, information and for most customers. We help you to completely transformation and migration of enterprise to cloud with our fast and reliable cloud integration service.
At IT Ally, you will be given a new kind of solution and that is Integrated Platform as a Service which enables to securely access your SaaS and PaaS and integrates them as per your business needs. The platform integration enables to connect in-house IT resources to SaaS and Legacy applications over cloud with effective integration of cloud services to enterprise applications.
We provide elastic and effective solution with Key features:

  • Numerous connectors to integrate SaaS and cloud services
  • Flexible framework
  • Robust and core integration engine
  • Privacy and Security with its full extend
  • Enriched with easy to use tools to monitor and control processes.

Transformation & Operations

Your running application portfolio can be now going clouded with IT Ally’s professional team that analyze and suggest you the best possible cloud model according to your needs.

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