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IT Ally caters high quality and reliable application management services that enhance your technology investments bringing growth to the business.
The complexity of large, legacy applications are unlike ordinary application development that are aligned to new business expansion and be the domain of in house IT teams. The time and effort it takes to maintain the application can often turn aside teams from their core purpose leveraging growth of business by implementing technology.
IT Ally is competent in application management for a long time. We promise efficiency, quality and cost advantages by maintaining and managing line of business software. Our services improve operational excellence but not limited to optimizing the value of your application investments.
Over the years we are serving the industry with our premium support, cost effective solutions and enhance applications, which may be:

  • Built by IT Ally where our core application knowledge is stronger than our clients.
  • Customized applications designed especially for our client.
  • Optimizing operational excellence, which boosts our client’s business.
  • In-House hosted applications that resides with our client.
  • Implemented on out of the date technologies, which require costly technical resources


Strategic Services IT AllyStrategic Services

IT Ally can help you to simplify, putting on criteria and enhance the technology footprint in-house through defining a solid framework.

IT Ally’s strategic services provides a solid framework for large and medium organizations to attain maximum growth, simplify and standardize their application portfolio across various business blocks. Our consultancy have been designed to assure a strategy that business managed to gain a visible application footprint in-house and can benefit these to deliver to the requirements of the business.
Below are the key competencies:

  • Application Portfolio Management – Determine the DNA of organization and business process needs to employ a specialized application solution.
  • Application lifecycle Management – Manage efficiency and cost of your application portfolio alongside with capacity, performance and renewal processes.
  • Application Service aggregation – Using Integrated service management and managed framework of processes to contend multiple application support partners.

Operations IT AllyOperations

IT Ally’s puts all its effort to make sure that your business remains operational 24×7, allowing you to focus your resources on the business, while maintaining your cost thrift.
The regular IT operations can hold back resource, costly and challenge to be innovative and remain focused on its core capabilities, which in many cases turn to be damaging the company’s growth.IT Ally’s broad experience in managing these environments ensures massive up rise across the business, while render the business to be focused on its core competencies.
Specifically, IT Ally can deliver the following services;

  • Integrate application support services using ITSM frameworks
  • Manage application change and  release management
  • Using leading tools to monitoring business application operations
  • Contend source and application build  processes over the Enterprise
  • Manage and automate regression testing across linked processes, procedures and applications

Partnering IT AllyPartnering

We know the strategic importance of managed IT system and that is why we put all our efforts to become your trusted partner to assure high-end IT management and performance.

Our IT specialist engages to drive innovation and business improvement by the use their knowledge of a business’ operations that leaves little time for the maintenance of legacy systems. IT Ally is known in the industry as a trusted ally which serve customized and economical system support and up gradation to your IT systems. IT Ally’s partnering comprehend several options;

  • Built by IT Ally where our core application authority knowledge is firm than our customers
  • Built on out dated technology which often needs expensive resources
  • Not centric to the business value creation initiatives of our customers
  • To an extend that is unsuitable for client in-house maintenance and development

Specifically, we can serve in the following areas;

  • Our architecture and testing services integrate application development into a managed framework.
  • We skip your need for your own developers, testers and project managers
  • Easy transformation from in-house or 3rd party support to IT Ally
  • Supporting local and remote customers by our team at various centers
  • Work with multiple technology flock
  • Up gradation with smooth transition
  • Optimization of business processes


Upgradation IT AllyUp gradation & Transformation

IT Ally ensures that the process of transformation from your existing system to upgraded one must be smooth
Organizations want to ensure that they can maximize ROI before they decide to upgrade to modernize legacy applications because they are making immense investments in their technology portfolio.
We have faith in our proven, repeatable methods, experience and technical innovation that we have practiced over the time to serve various clients and ensure that extending the lifetime of significant IT systems can deliver huge benefits into the future and hence a prosper business.
IT Ally optimizes expends your IT investment with our trusted expert staff, industry leading tools and procedures, by providing the following capabilities:

  • Expend the lifetime of substantial application technology and data investments
  • Using strategic alignment to get more benefit from your technology investments
  • Speed optimization by analyzing business process performance
  • Manage in-house and third party support teams

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